Vintage Rocks!!

We can't stress enough about how we love vintage fashions. It goes without saying, what goes around comes right back around. One of our favorite designer brands is Fendi. Fendi has made a remarkable come back by reintroducing us with new and vintage styles. Our customers are swooning over Fendi and has put in so many requests for Fendi. The very cool part about our job is we work with both buyers and sellers, so we get a feel of what's wanted and what is available. Shopping consignment shops, you will find great deals on hard to find items or must I say unique pieces. We value designer consignment so much and we strive to bring the most coveted designer fashions to you. Sheree & Co. Designer Consignment offers personal shopping assistance as well. Send us your wish list and we got you. Check out a few pieces added to our designer consignment inventory!!